Thursday, September 12, 2013

VIST 205 Graphic Design Assignment 05

Moving on to incorporating colors into the vector graphics:

Here I added a de-saturated ochre, a mix of red, orange and brown. Red, orange and brown are "appetite stimulants". Since the vector graphic was cropped originally from a photo of a toaster oven, I feel this choice of color symbolizes the comfort of food, brought with ease to our tables thanks to 20st-century technology.

For this image I added a cyan-teal color, indicating the cool, sleek, calm, detached life of ease brought to us by modern convenience products such as the toaster oven.

In this image I added a bold, somewhat darker tone of red. The red in the isolated round area is a symbol of the LED light, which turns red when an electronic device is activated or given power. The red spot becomes almost like the sinister eye of a potentially sinister beast: technology.

In this image I added a color trying to capture the sickly, green-yellow glow of florescent lighting, a symbol of 20th-century technology. Filmmakers often use florescent lighting because of its distinct color when recorded on camera. This color can represent the oppression of the city, as seen in Van Gogh's Night Cafe

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