Saturday, February 27, 2016

VIZA 618: P05 | Cluster-Based Speech Vizime Animation

Cluster-Based Speech Vizime Animation


Renders of speech vizimes:




Monday, February 22, 2016

VIZA 618: Project 04 - "Happy" Speech Vizimes Animation

Project 04: "Happy" Speech Vizimes Animation


Taking breath:

"H" and "A" are combined:


"Y" is broken up into two shapes:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

VIZA 618: Project 03


I modeled two more expressions for CG Kronk and made an animation showing interpolation between parameterized  facial expressions.

Since the face, teeth, and eyebrows are made up of separate geometry groups, I defined several blend shape deformers by adjusting the shapes' topology on the shape component level. Then I created a controller object with attributes connected to the blend shapes for the face, eyebrows, and teeth for each expression:

This technique allowed me to essentially parameterize the entire expression, regardless of how many geometry groups were involved, via a relatively high-level animation control. Further parameterization efforts could include lower-level controls such as for eyebrows, eyes, iris/pupil dilation, mouth, ears, etc.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

VIZA 618: Project 02

Project 02: Static iterative polygon mesh

Kronk from Disney's Emperor's New Groove seemed like a good choice for a simple, static polygonal face model. This is literally the first face model I've ever made.

Polygon faces: 3420
Edges: 6822
Verts: 3417


Monday, February 1, 2016

VIZA 618: Project 01

PROJECT 01: Face model from simple volumetric elements

Character: Napoleon from Disney's Aristocasts (1970)




Napoleon's face is able to  squash and stretch. The lower lip is very versatile in forming his mouth expressions. Separate parts of his face (skull, muzzle, nose) can articulate individually to form a whole expression. His eyes are set back into his brows which are also expressive.

Possible face parameters:
  • Face squash/stretch
  • Brow (muscle groups, not eyebrows) furrow/raise
  • Eye muscle groups squash/stretch
  • Eye close/open
  • Muzzle tilt/roll/pitch
  • Lower lip pucker/curl
  • Ear raise/lower
  • Neck squash/stretch
  • Adam's Apple raise/lower
  • Head roll/tilt/pitch
  • Pupil dilate
  • Nose roll (rotate)
  • Muzzle shape hardness/softness