Sunday, June 8, 2014

VIST 305 - Final Project Brainstorming / Research

The final projection mapping project is due in four weeks; like the last project, I think I'll have the most success if I play to my strengths. I'd like to do something with 3D animation, and while I'd like to develop a narrative and animated characters, it might be more realistic to do something abstract (like last week's 'calming' art installation).

During my research for finding ideas for the final assignment, the most frustrating part was finding examples that went beyond just showing a cool projection as entertainment. I really want to find a practical use for projection mapping. The following are several ideas I brainstormed as well as YouTube videos I found inspiring:

I've always been interested in superimposed photography that you see on sports television, etc. One practical use of the final project could be an analysis of a technical motion such as a golf swing or basketball shot. The concept of making a life-sized analysis projected onto a wall for a client to watch is appealing.

The following video doesn't use projection mapping or superimposed images, but I still found it inspiring as an image.The dance incorporates intricate timing of live-action elements to create a striking illusion. I guess the main inspiration here is the concept of multiplying everyday images and synchronizing them to create a performance.

This next video features a very practical use of projection mapping; as you can see the patterns of the furniture change to show different styles of decor. This is one of the most practical use I could find.

The next two videos use projection mapping for entertainment, particularly in the haunted house industry. I've always been fascinated with the clever illusions shown off in the Disney parks, especially in the Haunted Mansion (after all, it's the only attraction with air conditioning that has a reasonable line). I'd really like to do something like the 'singing busts' video where footage of a face is projected onto a model.

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