Tuesday, February 24, 2015

VIST 405 - Milestone Progress

2D Storyboard & 2D Animatic

I drew the storyboard images in ink on paper and later scanned them, doing a little post in Photoshop (levels adjust, contrast/color adjustments).

The shot of the deer taking notice of the color magically spreading through the tree underwent an important revision; after passing the shot off to management and layout for critique, it was determined that the camera direction didn't work. After working out the issue with layout, I revised the shot like so:

Original shot direction:


Revised shot direction:

I acted out the scene with layout until we got the shot we needed. After reviewing the new shot, it was approved for the 3D animatic by management and layout.

I passed the images off to editorial for the creation of the 2D animatic.

Completion of milestone: 12 February, 2015

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