Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ARTS 308 - Sculptures Using the Body

1. Peter Jansen - Human Motions Series
Sculpting the motion of humans in one sculpture "frame" creating energetic spaces.

"Running", 2007, bronze

"Arabesque", 2007, bronze/chrome

2. Matteo Pugliese - Extra Moenia Series
Location specific to wall, exploring concepts of emergence, human male form struggling against and interacting with wall.

"Pensiero notturno", 2010, bronze

"Istinito", 2009, bronze

3. Ron Mueck - Hyper-realistic Human Sculptures
Humans of gigantic proportions that are both familiar yet alien and unreal. Extreme attention to details such as hair, skin, etc.

"Boy", 1999, clay maquette under glass fiber cast.

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