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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

VIZA 617 - SPACEFERATU Project Budget + Schedule



  • Spaceferatu: 3D animatic version - 8h
  • Spaceferatu: final version - 16h
    • Sculpt vizimes, blendshapes
  • Space ship - 4h
  • Alien: 3D animatic version - 4h
  • Alien: final version - 8h
  • Big Alien: 3D animatic version - 4h
  • Big Alien: final version - 8h
  • Environment (rocks, landscape)
    • 3D animatic version - 4h
    • final version - 16h
  • Bat
    • animatic version -2h
    • final version - 8h
  • Python build - 12h
  • Spaceferatu, basic (fk, ik, spine, basic controls) - 1h
  • Spaceferatu, facial - 6h
  • Spaceferatu, final - 4h
  • Space Ship - 1h
  • Alien, basic - 2h
  • Alien, facial - 4h
  • Alien, final - 4h
  • Big alien, basic
  • Big alien, final 
  • Bat - 6h
  • Blocking - 8h
  • 3D animatic - rough animation pass - 12h
  • Refine animation - 18h
  • Final animation - 18h
  • Bat - wing flapping cycle - 4h
  • Environment: landscape, rocks, sky box, matte paintings - 8h
  • Spaceferatu - 6h
  • Space ship - 4h
  • Alien - 4h
  • Big Alien
  • Dust/particles - 8h
  • "Multiple Bat Mode" effect - 8h
  • Image-based lighting - 4h
    • Get HDR
  • Lighting tests - 8h
  • Low-sample tests - 8h
  • Deal with bugs, technical issues - 12h
  • Render final, full-res, high-sample version - 8h
  • Soundtrack - 8h
  • Voice recording, editing - 2h
  • Ambient - 2h
  • Nuke: - 8h
    • Zdepth - fog, atmosphere
    • Depth of field
    • Color correct
    • Color bleed/ color effects

BIG QUESTION: Can I do all this in one semester?

  • Autodesk Maya 2015 (Viz Lab)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Mudbox/Z Brush (Viz Lab)
  • Houdini (Viz Lab)
  • Nuke (Viz Lab)
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Audacity

SCHEDULE OF TASKS - 13 weeks remaining

  1. 12 - 18 SEPT
    14/09/2016 Budgeting/Schedule
  2. 19 - 25
    Refined set,char, color des
    Refined storyboard + animatic
  3. 26 SEPT - 1 OCT
  4. 3 - 8 OCT
    Modeling for 3D animatic
    Scene setup/set dressing
  5. 10 - 15 OCT
    Rough Surfacing
    Basic Rigging
    Final models
    Rough 3D animatic
  6. 17 - 22 OCT
    Rough 3D animatic
    Final models
  7. 24 - 29 OCT
    Final rigs
    Facial rig
  8. 31 OCT - 5 NOVFinal rigs
    "Multiple Bat Mode" - rigging, fx
    Refine surfacing
  9. 7 - 12 NOV
    Lighting - image based
  10. 14 - 19 NOV
    Final animation
  11. 21 - 26 NOV
    Final animation
  12. 28 NOV - 3 DEC
    Final animation
    Test renders/technical issues
    Begin comp work
    Final renders
  13. 5 - 7 DEC
    07/12/2016 FINAL PROJECT DUE

Monday, September 5, 2016

VIZA 617: ADVANCED ANIMATION - Synopses/Concepts for Animated Shorts

Character Synopsis: Spaceferatu

Concept: Showcase the features of a high-performing 3D animated character rig via Chuck Jones - style cartoon animation.

Story action: Spaceferatu, everyone's favorite galaxy-ravaging vampire, lands on a remote planet in search of blood. When he finds a seemingly easy target, he finds himself exhausting all of his vampire powers in his attempts to prey on it. When he finally seems to get bite, his victim's big brother shows up. Cutting his losses, Spaceferatu frantically abandons his quest and leaves the planet.

Mood: Light-hearted, wacky, high-action, like a Looney Tunes short.

Character description: SPACEFERATU

            Personality: Diabolical, delightfully evil, very giddy at the prospect of fresh blood to feast on.
            Distinguishing characteristics: His expressive eyes and hands, dramatic body posture, bizarre spandex space suit. He can transform into a cloud of bats.
            Physical structure: Tall, skinny, spindly arms/legs/fingers
            Age: Thousands of years old. He's a vampire.
            Height: At least 6' 6"
            Weight: Lightweight
            Limitation: Aliens that are tough to bite
            How he moves: Dramatically, like something out of a German Expressionist film (see: Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). He's quite broad and flamboyant with his motions. He definitely fills the "Count Dracula" archetype. He moves his fingers like claws. He likes to hunch over his victims.

Character dialogue: Maybe a few "vlah vlah vlah"s here and there.

Story setting:
            Physical environment: Alien planet, rocky and desert (shouldn't distract from the action). Can see various moons/planets in the distant sky.
            Lighting: Outdoor, bright sun (think Tatooine in Star Wars)
            Color scheme(s): Bright, vivid colors where the dark-clad, pale-skinned Spaceferatu can stand out.

            Atmospherics: Atmosphere fog, distant saturation drop-off, harsh sunlight, shadows, dust

Character Synopsis: Homunculus

Concept: Showing the artist's skills in rigging various  3D anatomical motion systems by mashing them altogether into a single organism.

Story action: A hideous beast made up of the arms, legs, phalanges, etc. of different kinds of animals lumbers out of a dark cave into view. The camera follows along as the homunculus treads different kinds of terrain, shifting its body around to make use of the locomotion systems that best fit each type of terrain. When it arrives at a wide chasm, it suddenly sprouts wings and flies away.

Mood: Naturalistic with a heavy dose of the surreal.

Character description: The Homunculus
            Personality: Nothing really sentient or personable. It has basic problem solving skills. It is determined to get to where it's going.
            Distinguishing characteristics: Its whole body is a hideous amalgamation of body parts.
            Physical structure: Hulking, lumbering, muscular
            Age: Unknown, but it's made this journey many time before.
            Height: 7' - 10'
            Weight: Roughly one-half ton
            Limitation: (Temporarily) the difficult terrain it must traverse
            How he moves: However it needs to (can be seen walking on all fours, hopping along sharp rocks, using fins/tentacles to navigate water, flies with wings

Character dialogue: None, maybe some animal noises

Story setting:
            Physical environment: A rocky cave, a grassy plain, high tree-tops, snow, a river, a cliff
            Lighting: Outdoor natural lighting
            Color scheme(s): Natural tones
            Atmospherics: Fog, mist, heat-evaporation, sunlight, wind

Character Synopsis: What He's Really Thinking

Concept: Blending CG character animation and rough hand-drawn 2D animation to give viewers a compelling and entertaining glimpse into the subconscious.

Story action: A man sits at a table in a romantic restaurant across from his girlfriend. He explains in the most tender way how their relationship isn't working and a breakup is the best thing for both of them. After each line of his dialogue a loosely-drawn cartoon version of himself, unnoticed by him, crudely blurts out what the man is actually thinking: that he's bored with his girlfriend, he has a problem committing, and he's already looking at other girls.
Across the table he hears his girlfriend's response. She appears to be accepting until we see that by her side is a 2D cartoon version of herself, who says what she's really thinking: that she's sick of him too and has been wishing for this breakup for a while.

Mood: The world of the CG characters is dramatic (kind of like a dating reality show), reserved, and refined. The 2D hand-animated characters are more light-hearted, wacky, and irreverent.

Character description(s)
1. The Boyfriend
            Personality: A jerk. A ladies' man who has major problems committing to relationships. Manipulative and very concerned about appearances.
            Distinguishing characteristics: Attractive (and he knows it). Cleans up nice (to hide his scummy personality)
            Physical structure: Tall, dark, and handsome. When he takes his shirt off at the pool he usually gets a few "oh my gaaaaaaaaawwwwd"s from the ladies.
            Age: 25 - 30
            Height: 6-foot range
            Weight: 200 lbs (to be fair it's mostly muscle)
            Limitation: What limitations? This guy's in total control (or so we would think if we didn't see his cartoon subconscious.
            How he moves: He has committed to memory the body language requisite of a soft breakup. His gaze is direct when it needs to be, his face can be seen choking back tears when convenient, and his hand gestures convey a perfect gentleness.
2. The Girlfriend
            Personality:    Basic, plain, surprisingly accepting of the breakup
            Distinguishing characteristics: Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary
            Physical structure:    Petite, feminine
            Age:                25 - 30
            Height:            5' - 5'6"
            Weight:           Around 100 lbs
            Limitation:     None
            How she moves: Just as reserved as the boyfriend

3. The Cartoon Boyfriend/Girlfriend
            Personality:    Obnoxious, speaks their mind (loudly)
            Distinguishing characteristics: Kind of wild-looking, loose line drawing
            Physical structure: Resemble their CG counterparts
            Age:                Same as their CG counterparts
            Height:            Same as their CG counterparts
            Weight:           Same as their CG counterparts
            Limitation:     They remain unseen by the girlfriend
            How he moves: Almost like they're on a drunken rant
            3. The Girlfriend
            Personality:    Basic, plain, surprisingly accepting of the breakup
            Distinguishing characteristics: Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary
            Physical structure:    Petite, feminine
            Age:                25 - 30
            Height:            5' - 5'6"
            Weight:           Around 100 lbs
            Limitation:     None
            How she moves: Just as reserved as the boyfriend

Character dialogue:  Boyfriend: "<sigh> Babe, I just feel like our relationship has come to                                              a...difficult cross roads."

                                    ("He thinks you're boring!")

                                    Boyfriend: "There's just something holding us back from giving our souls                                       to each other.."

                                    ("There's a bunch of sluts out there that he wants to bang!")

                                    Boyfriend: "I think, for both our sakes, you need to let me go."

                                    ("You're outta heeeeeeere!")

                                    Girlfriend: "Well...if this is what you really think is best...")

                                    ("Good riddance! You are a such a *bleep*ing skeeze!")

Story setting
            Physical environment: A nice table in a fancy, romantic restaurant.
            Lighting: Low "mood" lighting, like you would see in a cheesy romantic movie.
            Color scheme(s): Warm colors. We're talking true love, here.
            Atmospherics: Candles burning, the faint sound of clinking silverware, sad violin music